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Interior design & finish | Furnitures Developed in collaboration with d+p arquitectos. Diners: 110 Scopes: Entrance patio, main floor, first floor, communal space, private space, bath. Manufactured elements: Built in booth, lamps, tables equiped with corean barbecue, bookcase, bar, wall of light, volcanic stone washbasin, bamboo wall, metal signposts, neons, jardinière. Midam is a Korean … Continued

multifamiliar juárez

Interior design & finish | Furnitures Scopes: Access, kitchen, living room, corridor, master bedroom. Manufactured elements: Bench, mirror and hooks, kitchen, kitchen island and washing area with intercommunication sliding door, wall mounted bookcase, upper cabinets and closet, desk and bookcase, bedroom closet.

frontera 180

Interior design & finish | Furnitures Scopes: Kitchen, dining room, master bedroom, bathroom. Manufactured elements: Kitchen and shelves, bookcase, bed, dining table, wall mounted mirror.  


Development in collaboration with the Galería Mexicana de Diseño. Ceramic planters glazed in terracota color or matte black color. Poplar wood pedestal. Hanging braided rope of cotton.

Conference – Master class Index design

Mountain Coffee table

The coffee table has a polished marble cover at the top part, and a mountain chain wrought underneath which you can discover by the reflection of the mirror below. This piece achieves its function when the user reveals this hidden metaphor. The structure are cold rolled powder coated metal bars welded to plates that support … Continued

Flowerpot stand

The plant stand multiplies through mirrors the quantity of plants that it supports; in this case, we try to evoke a jungle across a threshold between reflection and reality. Every user has the freedom of evoking the world that he wants to reflect or the escape where he tries to run away, changing the objects … Continued

Binomios wall lamp

The lamp that increases its light intensity by moving the frontal acrilic screen face towards the led ring from right to left, generates an eclipse effect. The screen color generates a change of environment in the space where it’s placed, having four different screen color options. The wall support is cut with a CNC cutting … Continued


Binomios is a three pieces collection: a coffee table, a flowerpot stand and a wall lamp. The conceptual line that dominates this collection is the reflection of an inherent human condition: the constant longing of search for transforming reality. This constant search results in a contradiction between the natural way in which we appropriate the … Continued

Colima low chair

Hunacaxtle solid wood, wicker weaved back. Upholstery fabric on catalogue. 55cm x 55cm x 72cm (h)


Trama is a three piece collection: an armchair, a coffee table and a side table. Parting from last year’s collection, Binomios, where our pieces intended to bring through metaphors the exterior into the interior, this year we want people to be transported into a space where the limit between the exterior and the interior becomes … Continued


A year ago, an earthquake stroke Mexico triggering in us reflexions around stability. The word entropy comes from the greek (ἐντροπία) and means evolution and transformation. Despite “there is nothing permanent except change”, as Heraclitus said, the stability is a quality that gives us the ability to go forward. Bookshelves are pieces that resemble architectonic structures, they … Continued

Entropy bookcase

Bookcase manufactured in white Oak, concrete and powder coated metal. 225cm x 28cm x 160cm (h)

Coat Stand – Brass

Powder coated metal in matte black. Lava stone umbrella rack. Brass details. 35cm x 35cm x 145cm (h) Weight: 6,5 kg

Coat stand – Marble

There are four different types of stones that can be matched by the will of the client creating, this way, diverse versions of the same object. The round pieces come from a waste marble batch. Powder coated metal in matte black. Brass details. Hooks made of recycled marble. 40cm x 40cm x 145cm (h) Weight: … Continued

Side table Trama High

The Mesa Trama Alta emerges from the same idea of bodies cut by an invisible volume. It is a side table, higher than the Mesa BajaTrama, fabricated in solid wood covered by gold foil and a Nube marble on the top. 60cm x 52cm x 60cm (h)

Coffee table Trama Low

The Mesa Trama Baja inspired by the Espacio Escultórico of CU, adding a glass piece at the top of the loose pieces which allows to discover the emptiness that leaves the withdrawal of a volume: an ovoid cuts each of the marble pieces, giving them its irregular form, and the invisible volume can be appreciated … Continued

Armchair Calaca

The Sillón Calaca is an armchair decorated bar a Rattan crown. Inspired by a representation of Quetzalcóatl, we intended to make people feel content inside a light and ventilated structure. The base is made of Huanacaxtle wood, upholstery for the seat and Rattan wood for the crown manufactured by artisans of our neighborhood San Miguel … Continued

Coat stand

The coat rack was designed from the need to develop a decorative piece that could achieve at the same time a specific function in an interior project. The space for which it was designed required a distinctive piece that served as a visual statement. The result is an object that evokes a character.

tabasco 68

Interior design & finish | Furnitures Outdoor spaces and terraces developed in collaboration with OPA. Scopes: Kitchen, living room, bedrooms and bathrooms, floor and wall finishes. Manufactured elements: Sofas and ottoman, coffee table and side tables, kitchen island and kitchen design, handrail and under stairs storage, beds, bedside tables, desk, bathroom storage units, mirrors and benches. … Continued

cerrada de la paz

Interior design & finish | Furnitures Scopes: Pergola and concrete finish in the bar area. Manufactured elements: Outdoor sofas and armchairs, coffee table, bookcase and shelves, sofa bed. Inside a duplex of around 100m2 we worked on punctual furniture such as a sleeper sofa, storage areas and a shelve system and work space that copies the … Continued

colima chair

White oak solid wood, cushion upholstery from our material catalogue.

aldama stool

Huanacaxtle wood. Metalic elements powder caoated in matte in black.

escutia console

Cariibean walnut solid wood. Textured glass. Metal structure powder coated in matte black.


Interior design & finish | Furnitures Development in collaboration with OPA Diners: 46 In the heart of Roma neighborhood, Meroma restaurant has an area of 160 m2 on two levels and three different spaces with different identities. The remodeling project was carried out by Oficina de Prácticas Arquitectónicas (OPA). Comité de Proyectos was in charge … Continued

chihuahua bar trolley

Carribean solid wood. Tempered and smoked glass trays. Metallic structure powder coated in matte black color.

Artelínea A4 Bookcase

Manufactured in Guanacaste solid wood and veneer. Anodized aluminium in black color. Separation boards in Valchromat. Each element can be combined with the others to create different possibilities.

amsterdam bookcase

Caribbean walnut veneer and laquered wood. Structure powder coated in matte black color. Brass details.

citlal console

Huanacaxtle veneer. Multi- perforated metalic door powder coated in matte black and Huanacaxtle door. Metallic structure powder coated in matte black color.

amsterdam 169

Interior design & finish | Furnitures Manufactured elements: Sofas and armchairs, coffee table, TV stand For this project, we designed and manufactured new pieces for the living room. The coffee table has a system which raises the cover and can be used as a work table and storage area. The TV cabinet has a sliding … Continued

juan escutia kitchen

Interior design & finish | Furnitures Scopes: Floor and wall finishes, kitchen design Manufactured elements: Stools, shelves, bar cabinet After working in the furniture design of the hole apartment two years ago, Comité de Proyectos was commissioned to refurbish the tiny kitchen of 12 m2. This project is a small one that completely transforms the … Continued

querétaro 109

Furniture project Manufactured elements: Desks, bookcases, shelves, bedside tables, bathroom storage unit Inside of one of the most beautiful buildings in the Roma neighborhood is this small apartment. The space is just over 60 m2 and has two bedrooms, a full bathroom, kitchen, living room and dining room. We designed and manufactured a wall-mounted bookcase … Continued

lulu art gallery

Interior design Exhibition photos 01 – Anna Schchinger, 22/04 – 24/06, 2017 02 – Daniel Rios Rodriguez, 23/09 – 26/11, 2016 03 – The Lulennial II: A Low-Hanging Fruit, 06/02 – 01/04, 2018 04 – The Lulennial II: A Low-Hanging Fruit, 06/02 – 01/04, 2018 05 – José Antonio Suárez Londoño y Santiago de Paoli, … Continued

casa cima chihuahua

Interior design & finish | Furnitures Development in collaboration with Priscilla Tierno Architecture and construction: Garza-Iga Arquitectos This house located in the city of Chihuahua in the upper north of Mexico has 465 m2. The architectonic design and the construction was accomplished by the firm Garza-Iga and we designed the interior and produced the furniture. The … Continued

vicente guerrero

Furniture project Manufactured elements: Loungers, tables, benches, sofas and armchairs, bed, vinyl record cabinet This law firm office is located in Coyoacán inside a Neo-colonial or Californian style house of two floors with a back garden. The interior design project enhance and complete the style of the house. The desk design, which is repeated in … Continued

fernández sofa

Upholstery from our material catalogue. Base in Carribean walnut solid wood.

outdoor sofa

Base in Carribean walnut solid wood. Upholstery from our material catalogue.

citlal sofa

Huanacaxtle solid wood structure. Upholstery from our material catalogue.

guerrero II armchair

Upholstery and leather from our material catalogue. Base in Carribean walnut wood.

lira coffee table

Alivery or Arabescato marble tabletop. Structure and metalic mesh powder coated in matte black color. Details in solid Carribean walnut wood.

outdoor coffee tables

Tempered and smoked glass tabletop. Structure powder coated in matte black color. Details powder coated in chameleon color.

lira bed

Base in solid Guanacaste wood.

lord byron

Interior design & finish | Furnitures Scopes: Floor and wall finishes, bathrooms, closets and kitchen Collaboration: Peca | Salmiana The refurbishment of this 300 m2 apartment includes different areas; halls, living room, bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchen. We were in charge to propose and place wall and wooden floor finishings in the entrance, bathrooms and kitchen. … Continued

juan escutia

Interior design & finish | Furnitures Scopes: Access, living room, dinning room, bar, balcony, studio, guest room, bedroom Collaboration: Salmiana | BiYuu | Candela | La Carpintería MX Interior design project for a 135 m2 apartment. Room, master bedroom, studio and guest room are the areas where furniture was suggested. The challenge was to integrate … Continued

edificio basurto

Furniture project Development in collaboration with Priscilla Tierno Manufactured furniture: Loungers, tables, stools, sofas and armchairs, bed, vynil record cabinet Collaboration: Florever | Rokam

parque lira

Interior design & finish | Furnitures Scopes: Living and dinning room, access, bathrooms, bedroom Collaboration: Salmiana | Nudo Interior design project for a duplex apartment of 100 m2, the space has a hallway that connects the entrance to the living room. We proposed the wall finishing materials and colors and the flooring and designed some … Continued


Interior design & finish | Furnitures Development in collaboration with Priscilla Tierno | Oficina 3 Scopes: Terrace, TV room, living and dinning room, bathrooms Collaboration: Florever