interior space

Year: 2019
Area: 32 m2
Location: Álamos, CDMX
Photos by: Paulina Campos Hierro

For the eleventh edition of Design Week Mexico we were invited to participate on an event called Design House. Our space was originally the master bedroom and we decided to transform it into a wellness space, kind of a personal spa.

In modern times we are exposed to and overdose of information and stimuli, we felt that a it was necessary to design a space to breathe and take a moment. Interior Space invites us to dwell in a space surrounded with an atmosphere of peace and enjoy the present moment. We explored the idea of wellness because is through self-care that we can get in touch with ourselves and get introspective. The materials were selected to make you feel protected and contained, the wooden floor, the plain face brick and the creamy finish on walls made of Chukum are earthy elements that suggest a connection to nature. The green velvet curtain contrasts with the brick and frames the seating area. The center piece is a sink with countertop and base made on terrazzo, this includes a set of reflective mirrors with led light that respond to a full size floor to ceiling mirror located in the corner of the space.