la campechana

Year: 2019
Area: 550 m2
Location: La Condesa, CDMX
Photos by: Paulina Campos Hierro

Interiorism project | Furniture | Decoration

Extents: 12 suites, public areas, terrace and reception
For this project we designed the furniture and the interiors of a 5 story building with 12 suites fully furnished and equipped.
The main entrance is on level 0 where the reception desk is located . In the basement or level -1 we can find the service areas, laundry room and the biggest suite with two bedrooms.
There are 3 suites and one public area on each floor. This areas change from floor to floor. On level 1 we can find the breakfast room, on level 2 is the working area and on the 3rd level is the lecture area. At last there’s the terrace at level 4 with a pergola, some tables and two more suites.
One of the biggest challenges of this project was to achieve wide and functional spaces for each configuration. The average area for apartment was 430 sq. ft. and we costum designed almost all the furniture: queen size beds with night tables, closets, TV console, dining area, living room and kitchen: some of them with laundry area. 
The aesthetic approach to the project was guided by two factors: the branding developed by NaSodio design studio and the art decó formal gestures of the building. One can find the colour palette repeated on materials, the printed art on the walls, the upholstery, in some accessories and decoration.
To complement the proposal we worked with Salmiana for the plants and with Tributo in the production of the stair case lamp.