juan escutia kitchen

Year: 2017
Area: 12 m2
Location: Condesa, CDMX
Photos by: Massimo Perna

Interior design & finish | Furnitures

Extents: Floor and wall finishes, kitchen design
Manufactured elements: Stools, shelves, bar cabinet

After working in the furniture design of the hole apartment two years ago, Comité de Proyectos was commissioned to refurbish the tiny kitchen of 12 m2.

This project is a small one that completely transforms the use of the kitchen, a space of great importance for our clients, thanks to the use of accessories and special fixtures. The predominant material is walnut wood that contrasts with the smooth and shiny Alvic covering used for the backboard and lower storage area that also match the black quartz cover. The rack that crowns the bar is a detail that helps to divide and decorate the space with books, vases and plants.