real market

Year: 2021
Location: Jardines del Pedregal, CDMX
Photos by: Gabriel Mendoza

Project | Furniture Fabrication

This kiosk is located inside a shopping mall called Crater in Jardines del Pedregal, in the south of Mexico City. The brand that manages this store is called Real Market and they sell natural and healthy products. Sodio developed the branding and invited us to collaborate in designing the furniture and display systems. Together we worked on the conceptual project so that our proposal would be aligned with both the brand’s identity and the architectural design of the plaza.

The kiosk is located under an open roof surrounded by a lot of vegetation. The material palette of the plaza is very simple: natural concrete, black wood and black metal.

Our idea was to make the kiosk stand out combining with its surroundings, so we decided to use oak wood in some details such as the shelves to generate contrast.

To display the products we designed a set of magnetized metal containers painted in blue and orange (part of the color palette proposed by Sodio), some removable wooden shelves with blue metal, some crates mounted in front of the kiosk and finally, to give a view from the entrance of the square, a display window with illuminated shelves located in the back and intervened with Sodio’s graphics.

The biggest challenge of this project was to accommodate in such a small space everything that was needed to operate, it has a counter, an area for food preparation, refrigeration area, sink, storage area, work area for a salesperson and space for kitchen equipment.

Designer in charge: Alonso Martínez